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The Right Reverend J. L. Jackson was born on April 1st, 1984 in Raleigh, North Carolina.   In 1993, his family relocated to Roanoke, Virginia after residing in Danville, VA for several years. 

Educated within the Roanoke City Public Schools System, Bishop Jackson went on to achieve academic excellence by continuing his educational studies at the John Tyler Mortuary School, the Aenon Bible College, and the Rovear Christian University.  He holds Doctorate of Divinity degree in Pastoral Ministry from the Word of Life Theological Seminary.

Having been called to the ministry over two decades ago, he began his work for the kingdom at the early age of twelve under the leadership of his father, Bishop Delmar Jackson, II.  In 2000 he was licensed for ministry by the Virginia State Council (Apostolic), Inc.  He was licensed as an Elder in 2010 and in 2013, he was Ordained.

In the year 2000, Bishop Jackson founded J. L. Jackson Ministries (JLJ Ministries), a Ministry that is focused on bringing sincerity in serving God.  The Ministry is delivered through five basic ministry focus points: Preaching, Evangelism, Prayer, Leadership Training and Mentorship. 

From 2003 to 2013, he served the Virginia State Council Apostolic, Inc. and the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc. as the Assistant to the Young People’s President, the elected State Young People’s President of Virginia, the International Assistant Teen Director for the International Pentecostal Young Peoples Union (PAW, Inc.), as well as the International Teen Director.

Beginning in 2009, Pastor Jackson served the Abundant Grace Assembly of Roanoke, Virginia with his Father as the Executive Pastor and Overseer of Ecclesiastical Ministries.  In the Summer of 2013, He was assigned to serve as the Interim Pastor of Bethesda Temple of the Apostolic Faith in Washington, DC, where he continued until his assignment was accomplished.  In October of 2015, Pastor Jackson launched OutPour Church in Martinsville, VA.  In January of 2018, Bishop and a ministry team from OutPour started a Bible Study in the city of Roanoke, VA, called ReFresh Roanoke.  For one year, the ministry grew and souls were added to the family of believers.  In January of 2019, the two ministries (OutPour Church and ReFresh Roanoke) merged together and were relocated, renamed, and relaunched in the city of Roanoke, VA, as ReFreshing Church.  ReFreshing Church serves as a community-based Church Connecting People, ReFreshing Faith, and Serving Others. 

Additionally, Bishop Jackson is an active member of his community as a Community Advocate.  He serves as a Chaplain for the Roanoke City Police Department, a registered Chaplain for the Clerk of Circuit Courts, and a City Council Appointed member of the Roanoke Neighborhood Advocates Board, and a City Council Appointed member of the City of Roanoke Task Force to Reduce Gun Violence.  Globally, Bishop served as the Dean of the Adjutants Academy and as a member of the Advisory Board for the Joint College of African American Pentecostal Bishops in Cleveland, Ohio, with the late Archbishop J. Delano Ellis, II.  

In 2012, he joined and began working in the Lively Stone Fellowship of Churches with the Presiding Bishop Alphonso Scott.  In 2015, he was appointed to the Lower House of Prelates as the Adjutant General and Overseer of Protocol.  On June 20, 2018, he was consecrated as a Bishop in the Lord's Church, serving as the Bishop Ordinary of the Eastern Province. Upon his consecration, he was also appointed to serve as the Second Assistant Presiding Bishop.  After the death of Bishop Alphonso Scott, Bishop was appointed as the Assistant Presiding Bishop to Presiding Bishop Lee Alexander Scott. He can be seen working to impact this world in whatever way possible. 

J. L. Jackson is the loving husband to the Queen of his life, Lady Porshia Jackson, and together they have three amazing princesses, Little Miss Alexia Nicole, Little Miss Grace Annette and Little Miss Caroline Denise.

Above all, Bishop J. L. Jackson is simply a man in pursuit of the heart and mind of God who has been called out to declare a word into the lives of the people of God, and it is his hope and desire that through his ministry you are able to sense his love for Christ and that you feel compelled to strengthen your relationship with God.

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